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 About me

Hi, my name is Pol, and I am a London-based fashion designer and art director. When I am not working on my brand Polosophia, I love to help others make their own creative dreams come true.


Be it photography, video, costume for your performance or a bespoke garment, I can help bring to life the beautiful sparkling vision you have in mind in a way that is friendly, engaging and collaborative.


I come from a writing and cultural research background, and have decided to move to design and creative work five years ago, having settled in the city of my dreams, London, after travelling and living an adventurouls life in Sweden, Austria, Singapore, and many other places.

How we can work together


Bespoke garment design

From initial idea to the first working sketch to creating pattern and finally getting it made, I can make your most daring sartorial fantasies come true. I have three years of pattern cutting experience, including made to measure womenswear and unisex clothing.


Costume design

If you are a singer, actor, or a performance artist, and are on the lookout for the outfit that will translate your vision and artistic character into life, I am here to help. From initial conversation to profoundly understand your idea, I will do research, create an inspiring moodboard, and sketch up several ideas for you to choose from. After settling on the final designs, I will work on the garments – but ultimately you have the creative control, and I will make sure the final result reflects your aspirations and vision.  


Fashion design and collection development

If you are thinking about starting your own fashion line, I can help you! We will work together from conceptualizing an initial idea upwards to create a coherent line of designs. I will be there for you every step of the way, from research, to first sketches, to technical drawings, to toiles and even production samples, and consult you on the next steps to bring your fashion line to life.


Art and creative direction

With over decade of experience in cultural investigation as a fashion journalist and PHD researcher, I have the database of knowledge and visual cues to develop intricate, sophisticated and multilayered storylines for your editorial shots and videos (music, fashion, performance – you name it!). We will start with working through your initial concept or idea to achieve deep understanding of what you would like to create, and I will help you draw out unexpected and enticing facets to your vision. From then on, I will present you with several ideas to discuss and develop, and, once we have settled on the final concept, I will create a moodboard and/or a storyboard. I can be on the ground to direct the project.



I work with 5D Mark III and vintage Ricoh KR-5 (analogue)


Please get in touch for rates and availability. No project is the same, and we will discuss your needs, timescales and budget to make sure you can reach your goals in optimum to your resources.

Let's rock'n'roll!

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