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“At J’Adore la Vie, our philosophy is to create only the finest pieces for stage and runway, where the craftsmanship would be admired for decades to come from inside out. Polina is an asset to our brand. Millimetre by millimetre, stitch by stitch, every element is brought to perfection creating not only a beautiful finish but also with practicality and durability in mind. A true professional, best of the best!”

 J’Adore La Vie,  Cabaret and Couture Performance Company

"Collaborating with Polina on the design for a costume for The Best Thing that I Ever Made // 7 Rituals of Self Destruction was a beautiful journey. Polina understood my project in an intricate and sophisticated way and was able to create a design that reflected my needs as a performer and also aesthetically fitted the ideas explored in my project. As well as possessing impeccable design capabilities, the care and skill that goes into the creation of her garments is loving and thorough. It was a really meaningful and important process to work with Polina on such an encompassing and complex piece of work and to feel understood and supported throughout by her creative sensitivity and intelligent design."

Natalie Wearden, Performance Artist 

"I'd like to think that my fashion adventure with Polina was meant to be. We clicked right away, and she managed to illustrate my music through beautiful and original clothing. Polina understood me and my needs from the get go, and thus it was never complicated to agree - it was very fluid. I had a lot of ideas, but didn't seem to know where I was headed with them, but Polina guided me and brought sensible yet beautiful ideas! I had so many dresses in mind, so she imagined a few layers of different veils that I could clip on top of each other when I wanted to feel and look different. The beige dawn dress and the flowery collar piece are my favourites!"

Saphira, Singer and songwriter

Working together

So, you’d like to get some cool things done?

Let me walk you through a step by step process of how we will work together. Every project is unique, and I will approach it as such to make sure your vision comes to fruition, and treat it with the same reverence and warmth as I treat my own creative endeavors.


The typical process will usually go something like this:


Step 1. Getting to know each other.

First and foremost, we will meet in person or speak over phone/skype/e-mail to discuss your idea and get a sense of time scale, scope and budget. This is where we get to know each other and ultimately agree that it will be a good creative collaboration.


Step 2. Getting in your head.

Once that happens, I will ask you many a question to get a deeper understanding of what you would like to achieve, your vision and sense of style and aesthetics to make sure that it is truly reflected in the final product.


Step 3. Research and mood board/story board creation

The next stage will typically be research: visual references, cultural background, etc. – whatever is relevant to the project. I will create an inspiring visual mood board or storyboard, and go over it with you to make sure that your general vision is grasped correctly.

This step can be skipped or you can simply pass on to me your own research and visual reference for me to work off.


Step 4. Ideation

The next step is brainstorming and ideation. We can do it together, or you can leave it completely up to me – whatever works best for you. I will typically present you with 4-5 general ideas for the final project, out of which you will choose your favourite one. Of course, alterations and additions are always possible!


Step 5. Execution

Now that we know that we are creatively in sync, the project can be set into motion. Once you give me the green light, I will get to work, giving you an estimate time scale beforehand to make sure we are both happy with the arrangement. I will work on your project, consulting you on the vital steps and elements to ensure it develops exactly how you want it to. I will keep you updated along the way so that you know exactly how things progress.


Step 6. Presentation

Once the project is ready, I will present it to you for any final alterations or adjustments. Here is the time to tell me if you would like something to be changed. I will go through the feedback and make necessary changes before the final sign-off.


Step 7. Unicorn Dance

And here it is – you beautiful sparkling new project, a wonderful representation of your creative vision come to life. Hooray!


Success! Message received.

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